Marisa Abela is a musician who has been making waves lately with her portrayal of the late Amy Winehouse’s bassist. She recently spoke about how playing the role has brought her back in time, to an era of music that was electric, powerful and raw all at once. Abela remarked that it was through this role that she was transported back in time and got to experience again the excitement and force that was the late Amy Winehouse.

Easily one of the most talented and enigmatic musicians of our time, Amy Winehouse’s live performances were always full of energy and soul. Her signature sound was influenced not only by jazz and soul music but also by ska and reggae⁠—a unique blend that set her apart from her contemporaries. In this sense, Abela’s role as Winehouse’s bassist is an incredibly important one, as the bass guitar played a key role in the iconic singer’s music. It is through her performance that we get to see how the bassline helped shape each song, making Winehouse’s music the absolute gem that it is.

Abela, much like Winehouse, is an incredibly talented musician in her own right. The bassist has worked with a number of distinguished names in the music industry, including Mercury Prize winner Sampha and jazz drummer Yussef Dayes. Her love for music, and the bass specifically, is deep-rooted; she claims that she picked up the instrument because she fell in love with the groove and rhythm that the bassline provided. To Abela, music is a way of life, and the bass, specifically, is an extension of herself.

It was through this love of music and, in turn, the bass that Abela was able to so successfully capture Winehouse’s iconic sound. In an interview with The Sunday Times, Abela spoke about how she had watched recordings of Winehouse’s live performances to try to get a sense of the seamless connection between her and her bassist. To really step into Winehouse’s shoes, Abela practised her basslines repeatedly, allowing her to perfect them in the same way Winehouse’s bassist did.

Playing the role of such an iconic musician is no easy feat, but Abela makes it look effortless. Her performance is nothing short of electrifying, reminiscent of Winehouse’s live shows, which were nothing short of legendary. Her portrayal is authentic and compelling, and it is clear that she has put in a lot of effort to truly embody Winehouse’s spirit.

Abela also spoke about how much she respected Winehouse for the fearless way in which she approached music. Winehouse’s music was raw and honest, and she bared her soul for all her fans to see. It is this honesty that Abela has tried to emulate in her portrayal of Winehouse’s bassist, doing justice to Winehouse’s legacy by bringing her music to life in a way that is respectful and true to her roots.

The late Amy Winehouse is a hard act to follow, but Abela has done an admirable job of portraying Winehouse’s bassist in a way that captures the essence of her music. Her performance is a testament to the power of music and how it can unite people from different eras and backgrounds. For a moment watching Abela, we’re no longer in the present day, but back in the time when Winehouse was the most electrifying act in the music industry. Through Abela’s performance, Winehouse’s spirit is kept alive, inspiring a new generation of musicians to take up the mantle and continue to push the boundaries of what music can be.