Angela Bassett has been making headlines lately for her compassionate behavior towards her fellow actors. After the Oscar ceremony, she was spotted consoling Austin Butler, who was visibly emotional after losing Best Supporting Actor to Daniel Kaluuya.

For those who may not know, Angela Bassett is an American actress and producer who has been nominated for multiple awards throughout her career, including an Academy Award for her role in What’s Love Got to Do with It. She has also appeared in numerous television shows and films, such as American Horror Story, Black Panther, and Waiting to Exhale.

Bassett’s performance in What’s Love Got to Do with It has been widely regarded as one of her best. In the film, she played the role of Tina Turner, a legendary singer known for her powerful voice and stage presence. Bassett’s portrayal of Turner was so convincing that it earned her an Oscar nomination in 1993.

Throughout her career, Bassett has proven to be a versatile actress who can take on any role that comes her way. She has played characters from a wide range of backgrounds and has received critical acclaim for her work. Her ability to connect with her characters and bring them to life on screen is what sets her apart as an actress.

But Bassett is more than just a talented actress – she is also a compassionate and kind person who cares deeply about her fellow actors. Her actions towards Austin Butler at the Oscars are a perfect example of this.

After his loss, Butler was visibly upset and emotional. However, instead of ignoring him or pretending not to notice his distress, Bassett took the time to approach him and offer her condolences. She hugged him and whispered words of encouragement in his ear, letting him know that he had done a great job and that he had a bright future ahead of him.

Bassett’s actions may seem small, but they speak volumes about her character as a person. In a world where people are often too busy to care about others, she is a shining example of what it means to be compassionate and empathetic.

It’s not the first time Bassett has shown kindness towards her fellow actors either. In the past, she has spoken out about the need for more diversity in Hollywood and has advocated for her colleagues who have been marginalized due to their race or gender. She is also an active supporter of numerous charities and nonprofit organizations, including the United Way and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

For Bassett, it seems that kindness and compassion are simply a part of who she is. She understands that success is not just about personal achievements, but also about lifting others up and helping them succeed. Her actions at the Oscars are a perfect example of this – she wasn’t focused on her own success or how she could benefit from the situation. Instead, she was focused on helping someone in need and making them feel better.

As we move forward into the future, we could all take a page out of Angela Bassett’s book. In a world that often feels cold and uncaring, it’s more important than ever to show kindness and compassion to those around us, especially in our industries and careers.

By taking the time to care about others and offer a helping hand, we can create a more positive and supportive community for everyone. We may not all become Oscar-winning actors like Angela Bassett, but we can all strive to be kind and compassionate towards others, just like she does.