BJ Flores is a former boxer who has become well-known in the boxing world for his continued success as a coach and trainer. Flores currently works as the coach for YouTuber and professional boxer, Jake Paul. However, in recent news, Flores made headlines for a shocking incident that occurred in Colombia, where he was shot in the leg.

The incident happened on April 21, 2021, where Flores was in Cali, Colombia. BJ Flores was in the country coaching one of his fighters, Colombian contender Oscar Rivas, for his upcoming heavyweight fight against Bryant Jennings. The fighter was set to compete for the WBC’s interim title in the US when the news broke out.

Flores was reportedly outside a gym in a car when he was shot in the leg. News reports suggest that he was on his way to pick up some equipment when the shooting occurred. BJ Flores was quickly rushed to the hospital, where he underwent surgery to remove the bullet from his leg.

The incident was a shock to many in the boxing world, who were quick to show their support for BJ Flores. Jake Paul, his protégé, took to Twitter to express his concern and well-wishes for his coach. He wrote, “My coach BJ Flores was shot in Colombia while he was coaching @rivasboxing. Prayers for a speedy recovery. And to the people of Colombia, please help stop the violence.”

Following the shooting, many in the boxing community expressed their shock and sadness. Flores’ friend and trainer Sam Colonna said, “I’m speechless right now. I just hope BJ recovers quickly.” Others, including boxing legend Roy Jones Jr, also took to social media to express their support.

While the motive for the shooting remains unclear, it is widely believed to be a result of the ongoing violent protests in the country. Colombia has been experiencing mass protests since April 28th with tension across the country due to the pandemic, the national strike, and the police brutality.

BJ Flores has been praised as a coach and trainer by those in the boxing world. He has won several titles and worked with high-profile fighters over the years, including David Haye and Tony Bellew. Flores is also known for his extensive knowledge of the sport, as well as his dedication to his fighters.

Flores, who is now recovering from his injuries, has received countless messages of support from people around the world. The boxing community has rallied behind him and his family during this difficult time.

The incident has brought attention to the danger that coaches and fighters face in the world of boxing. Violence and physical altercations are not uncommon, and boxers are well aware of the risks they face in their profession. However, this incident has highlighted the fact that coaches and trainers are also vulnerable to violence.

The world of boxing is known for its toughness and grit, but violence outside of the ring is never acceptable. BJ Flores’ shooting is a stark reminder of the risks associated with the sport and the importance of safety measures.

In conclusion, BJ Flores is a well-respected coach and trainer who has received an outpouring of support after the recent shooting incident in Colombia. His dedication to his fighters and the sport of boxing is widely recognized, and his experience and expertise have helped many reach the pinnacle of their careers. The incident is a reminder of the risks associated with the sport and highlights the need for safety measures for everyone involved. We hope that BJ Flores will continue to stay strong and heal soon.