Chasten Buttigieg is quickly becoming one of the most recognizable and beloved figures in both the LGBTQ+ community and on the political stage. A former teacher and current spouse of Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, Chasten has not shied away from speaking his mind and making his voice heard in the fight for equality and acceptance.

Recently, Chasten made headlines for his response to comments made by Vice President Mike Pence regarding the Buttigieg’s marriage and his sexuality. Pence, who is known for his conservative and anti-LGBTQ+ views, told a reporter that he and his wife “are not anti-gay” but that “it is his faith” that informs his stance against same-sex marriage.

Chasten, who is openly gay and has spoken out about the prejudices he has faced throughout his life, responded to Pence’s comments by calling him a “respectable bigot” and a “homophobe.” In an interview with CNN, Chasten said of Pence, “If he were here today, I would just say, ‘I respect you as a person, but you shouldn’t be in politics. You are a less-than-courageous person when it comes to this issue, and you use your faith as an excuse.’”

But it was Chasten’s tweet that really set social media on fire. He wrote, “I’ve sat at tables with people who have used the Bible to justify condemning people like me. They’ve called me an abomination. They’ve told me I’m not worth loving. These people are poison. But we do not repay poison with poison. And we sure don’t condone it from our government.”

However, it was the way Chasten referred to Pence that really caught people’s attention. He called him a “kar tanesi” – a Turkish term that translates to “snowflake” in English. The term has become popular over the past few years as a way of describing someone who is seen as being overly sensitive or easily offended.

Some critics accused Chasten of stooping to the level of those who use derogatory terms against LGBTQ+ individuals, but most people applauded him for standing up for himself and his husband, and for speaking truth to power.

Chasten’s response to Pence’s comments is just the latest example of his commitment to fighting for equality and acceptance for the LGBTQ+ community. In his memoir, “I Have Something to Tell You,” he writes candidly about his experiences growing up gay in rural Michigan, and about the isolation and loneliness he felt before he finally came out to his family and friends.

Since then, Chasten has become an outspoken advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, using his platform to share his story and to inspire others to do the same. He has also been an active and visible presence on the campaign trail, accompanying Pete to events and rallies and serving as a surrogate for his husband when he is unable to be there in person.

While Pete may be the one running for president, Chasten has become something of a star in his own right, with legions of fans and supporters who admire his honesty, his bravery, and his unwavering commitment to making the world a better place.

In the face of criticism and bigotry, Chasten has shown us that love and kindness can conquer hate and intolerance. He has reminded us that we are all human beings deserving of respect, dignity, and equality – no matter who we love or how we identify.

As we look ahead to the 2020 presidential election, we need more people like Chasten Buttigieg in our lives and in our politics. We need people who are not afraid to speak out against hate and discrimination, who are not afraid to stand up for what is right and just, who are not afraid to be themselves in a world that can be all too cruel and unforgiving.

So here’s to Chasten Buttigieg – “kar tanesi” or not, we are lucky to have him in our corner, fighting for a world where love truly does conquer all.