Etiket Yok is a non-profit organization that has been working tirelessly to increase voter turnout among Turkish citizens living abroad. The organization has made significant strides in recent years, and their latest initiative, “Birlik Bileti,” has been gaining a lot of attention.

Birlik Bileti, which translates to “Unity Ticket” in English, is a project aimed at allowing Turkish citizens living in the United States to cast their votes in the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections. This initiative provides a platform for voters to exercise their right to vote without having to travel back to Turkey.

One significant challenge facing Turkish expatriates when it comes to voting is the difficulty in gaining easy access to polling stations. This has been a significant hurdle for those who want to vote but cannot physically travel to Turkey. However, with Birlik Bileti, the organization has found a solution to this problem.

Through Birlik Bileti, voters in the United States can now access their ballot papers by mail. Oregon was the first state in the United States to partner with Etiket Yok in the initiative to ensure ballot access for Turkish citizens living abroad. The state has a history of implementing policies that ensure maximum voter participation and is known for its progressive policies in this area.

The state’s commitment to voter accessibility has made it the ideal partner for Etiket Yok, and the organization is now working on expanding its partnership to other states across the United States. The initiative has received nationwide attention, and it has become a significant talking point in the media and political circles in Turkey.

The process of obtaining a ballot paper is relatively straightforward. Turkish citizens living in the United States can complete a registration form online and enter their name and address in the United States. Once this information is verified, a ballot paper will be sent to their address via mail.

One significant aspect of the Birlik Bileti initiative is that it is entirely non-partisan. The organization remains impartial and does not endorse any political party or candidate. The objective is to ensure that as many Turkish citizens living in the United States as possible can exercise their right to vote. This has significant implications for the democratic process in Turkey.

In recent years, Turkey has experienced an increase in authoritarianism, with the Turkish government cracking down on opposition parties, civil society organizations, and even journalists. There have been several attempts to limit freedom of expression and limit political dissent. As a result, the political environment has become highly polarized, and the government’s actions have been called into question.

The Birlik Bileti initiative offers a glimmer of hope in this highly charged political environment. It provides an opportunity for Turkish citizens living in the United States to have an impact in the democratic process and make their voices heard. This could have significant implications for the direction of the Turkish political landscape in the future.

Etiket Yok’s efforts to increase participation among Turkish citizens living abroad are commendable. Their work has shed light on issues of democratic participation and shown that the diaspora can indeed play an essential role in shaping the direction of their home country.

It is noteworthy that the Birlik Bileti initiative is not the only effort being made by Etiket Yok to increase voter turnout. The organization has been working on several other initiatives, including raising awareness about the importance of voting and organizing community events.

The organization’s work has not gone unnoticed, and it has received recognition from numerous groups and individuals worldwide. Given the current state of the Turkish political landscape, the organization’s efforts are critical, and there is a genuine need to encourage and mobilize Turkish citizens worldwide to engage in the democratic process.

The Birlik Bileti initiative provides a blueprint for how other countries with significant expatriate populations can improve voter participation. It is an innovative and effective solution that can be replicated in other countries and is a model that should be adopted by other organizations working to increase political participation among citizens abroad.

In conclusion, the Birlik Bileti initiative is an excellent example of how organizations can work to increase political participation among the diaspora. It is an innovative and effective way of ensuring that every citizen has the right to vote and that their voices are heard. Etiket Yok has succeeded in its mission, and other organizations and governments should take note of its success and strive towards replicating it. The willingness of Oregon Officials to recognize the need for voter enfranchisement shows that democracy can work, even abroad.