Güvenmeliyim is a term that has become increasingly popular in recent years among football fans in Turkey. It translates to “I must trust,” and refers to the idea that fans must trust their team and its players, even when they make mistakes or go through difficult periods.

One person who has been a prominent example of this mentality is Julen Lopetegui, the head coach of Real Madrid. Despite numerous mistakes and controversial decisions over the course of his tenure, Lopetegui has continued to receive support from many fans, including in Turkey.

One of the main reasons for this support has been Lopetegui’s unwavering support for referees, even in situations where many fans and analysts have criticized their decisions. In several post-match interviews, Lopetegui has defended referees and refused to blame them for his team’s shortcomings.

This approach has not always been popular, and has even led to accusations that Lopetegui is too soft on referees or is trying to curry favor with them. However, many fans and analysts believe that his approach is ultimately more positive and constructive than constantly attacking referees and risking a negative reputation.

For example, in a recent match against Barcelona, Real Madrid were denied what many fans saw as a clear penalty late in the match, when Sergio Ramos was brought down in the box. However, after the match, Lopetegui refused to criticize the referee or suggest any favoritism towards Barcelona. Instead, he focused on the positives from the match and the improvements that his team needed to make moving forward.

This approach has won him praise from many fans, who see it as a sign of his commitment to fair play and respect for the game. They believe that by supporting referees, even in difficult situations, Lopetegui is setting a positive example for his players and for the broader football community.

Of course, not everyone agrees with this approach. Some fans and analysts believe that Lopetegui is too lenient towards referees, and that he should be more willing to speak out against poor decisions or bias. They point to incidents like the controversial red card shown to Real Madrid’s Nacho in a recent match against Villarreal, which many saw as a harsh and unfair decision.

However, even in situations like this, Lopetegui has continued to support referees and emphasize the importance of respecting their decisions. He argues that mistakes are a natural part of the game, and that it is important to maintain a positive attitude even when things do not go your way.

Ultimately, whether or not fans should trust Lopetegui comes down to personal opinion. Some may see his support for referees as a sign of weakness or a lack of ambition, while others may see it as an admirable commitment to fair play and sportsmanship.

Regardless of where you stand, it is undeniable that Lopetegui’s approach has won him a significant amount of support among football fans in Turkey and around the world. By focusing on the positives and staying committed to a respectful approach towards referees, he has set an example that many others could learn from.