Jason Day and Cameron Smith are both well-known names in the world of golf. Their skill and prowess on the course are legendary, which is why it is surprising that they will both be missing from the upcoming Players Championship. Many fans and critics are curious as to why they have chosen to sit out what is one of the most important events in the PGA Tour. Here are some of the reasons why Day and Smith will not be playing in the Players Championship this year.

Jason Day

Jason Day is a former world number one golfer, and has had an impressive career so far. Over the years, he has won 12 PGA Tour titles, including the 2015 PGA Championship. However, in recent years, he has had to deal with a string of injuries that have hampered his performance on the course. Day has been plagued with back issues, which have made it difficult for him to play at the level that he is capable of. In addition, he has also had to deal with family issues, which have further impacted his golfing career.

In light of all of these challenges, it is not surprising that Day has chosen to sit out of the Players Championship this year. He has spoken openly about the fact that his back is still causing him problems, and that he needs to take some time off to recover properly. Day has always been very mindful of his health, and he knows that if he pushes himself too hard, he may cause more damage to his body.

Aside from his physical issues, Day has also been dealing with some personal matters. He and his wife recently announced that they had separated, and that they were taking some time apart to work on their relationship. Given these circumstances, it makes sense that he would want to spend some time away from the golf course and focus on his family.

Cameron Smith

Cameron Smith is a rising star in the world of golf. He has shown incredible skill and potential, and has already made a mark on the PGA Tour. Smith has won two PGA Tour titles so far, and has represented Australia in the Ryder Cup and Presidents Cup teams. Despite his early success, Smith has indicated that he will not be playing in the Players Championship this year.

The reason for Smith’s absence is not related to any injuries or personal issues. Instead, it has to do with his recent decision to join the new golf league, LIV Golf. LIV Golf is a Saudi-backed league that is aiming to become a major rival to the PGA Tour. The league has attracted some of the biggest names in golf, including Dustin Johnson and Phil Mickelson.

Smith is one of the latest players to join the LIV Golf roster. By doing so, he has effectively ruled himself out of the Players Championship, as LIV Golf has scheduled its own events to take place at the same time as the PGA Tour’s biggest tournaments. By joining the league, Smith has committed to playing in their events instead of the Players Championship, and other PGA Tour events.

The decision to join LIV Golf has been met with mixed reactions from fans and fellow players. Some have criticized the move, saying that it is a betrayal of the PGA Tour, and that it undermines the sport as a whole. Others see it as a smart business decision, as players will now have the opportunity to participate in multiple lucrative events throughout the year.

In conclusion, Jason Day and Cameron Smith will both be missing from the Players Championship this year for very different reasons. Day is focused on his health and personal life, while Smith has decided to join the new LIV Golf league. While their absence is certainly a disappointment for fans, it also presents an opportunity for other players to step up and claim the title. We will have to wait and see who rises to the challenge at this year’s tournament.