Jenna Ortega is a young and talented actress who’s been making waves in Hollywood ever since she burst onto the scene. Born in California in 2002, Jenna got into acting at a young age and quickly began building a successful career for herself.

One of Jenna’s most notable roles came in 2019 when she was offered a role in the upcoming Addams Family movie, playing the iconic character Wednesday Addams. While many actresses would have jumped at the chance to play such an iconic character, Jenna initially turned down the role.

So, why did Jenna Ortega turn down the role of Wednesday Addams? And how did she eventually end up taking on the part? Let’s take a closer look.

Jenna Ortega’s Career

Before we dive into the Addams Family debacle, let’s take a look at Jenna Ortega’s career so far. Despite being only 19 years old, Jenna has already built up an impressive acting resume, with roles in TV shows like Jane the Virgin, You, and Stuck in the Middle.

Jenna has also worked on major films, including the 2018 movie Bumblebee, where she played the role of Charlie Watson’s younger self. However, it’s fair to say that Jenna is perhaps best known for her work in the Netflix series, You. In the show, Jenna plays the character of Ellie Alves, a young girl who becomes a significant part of the dark and twisted storyline.

Despite her young age, Jenna has shown an incredible amount of talent and, as a result, has become a sought after actress within the industry. With several major projects under her belt already, it’s clear that Jenna has a bright future ahead of her.

The Addams Family Offer

It was in 2019 that Jenna was first offered the role of Wednesday Addams in a new adaptation of The Addams Family. The movie was set to be directed by Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan and would feature a star-studded cast, including Charlize Theron, Oscar Isaac, and Chloë Grace Moretz.

At first, Jenna was thrilled to be offered the part of Wednesday. However, as she looked more closely at the script, she began to have reservations. Speaking in an interview with Variety, Jenna confessed that she struggled to relate to the character and that she was hesitant to take on such an iconic role.

“I just didn’t think I was going to be able to do it justice, to be honest,” Jenna said in the interview.

Despite her initial hesitation, Jenna was eventually convinced to take on the role after speaking with the movie’s directors. They assured her that they wanted to take a different approach with the character, and that they were looking for someone who could bring a fresh perspective to the role.

“I think the directors saw something in me that they really wanted for Wednesday…” Jenna said.

Ultimately, Jenna’s decision to take on the role of Wednesday Addams was one of the best decisions she could have made. Her performance in the movie was widely praised, with critics praising her undeniable talent and her ability to bring a new dimension to a much-loved character.

Future Projects

Since her work on The Addams Family, Jenna has continued to build a successful career in Hollywood. Most recently, she starred in the Netflix horror series, The Babysitter: Killer Queen, as well as the film Yes Day, opposite Jennifer Garner and Édgar Ramírez.

Looking ahead, Jenna has several exciting projects in the pipeline, including the forthcoming Scream movie (set to hit theaters in January 2022) as well as the upcoming Netflix series, The Fallout.

Final Thoughts

Jenna Ortega is a talented actress who has shown an incredible amount of promise at such a young age. Her decision to initially turn down the role of Wednesday Addams may have surprised some, but it’s clear that she made the right choice in the end.

By taking on the role, Jenna was able to show off her undeniable talent and bring a new perspective to a much-loved character. With several exciting projects on the horizon, it’s clear that Jenna has a bright future ahead of her, and we can’t wait to see what she does next.