Jimmy Kimmel has long been known for his comedic antics and quirky sense of humor. From his days as a late-night talk show host to his current role as the host of the Oscars, Kimmel has had more than his fair share of laugh-out-loud moments. However, one recent stunt he pulled involving actor Andrew Garfield has become the talk of the town, and not necessarily in a good way.

During the 2017 Oscars ceremony, Kimmel introduced a skit in which he called for a volunteer to help him run candy down to the audience in the middle of the show. He then proceeded to call on Garfield, who eagerly jumped up and joined him on stage. But instead of handing out candy, Kimmel instructed Garfield to act as if he was “Hacksaw Ridge” director Mel Gibson’s “plus one,” and follow him out into the audience.

The whole setup was designed as a prank, meant to make Garfield look foolish and to poke fun at both him and Gibson in the process. However, for some viewers, the joke fell flat – and when Kimmel’s running gag continued throughout the show, with Garfield following him around in a dazed and confused state, it became clear that the actor was uncomfortable with the situation and didn’t quite know how to extricate himself from it.

In the immediate aftermath of the skit, many viewers took to social media to express their disappointment with Kimmel’s choice to make Garfield the butt of the joke. Some even accused the host of bullying or being unnecessarily cruel. However, Kimmel himself defended the prank and argued that it was all in good fun.

Months after the incident, it seems that Kimmel’s decision to poke fun at Andrew Garfield hasn’t blown over just yet. Recently, it was reported that the Oscar ceremony’s producers are now taking a closer look at Kimmel’s behavior that night and deciding whether or not it was appropriate.

According to insiders, the producers were worried that Kimmel’s prank had gone too far and that it may have been a breach of etiquette to subject one of the presenters to such public humiliation. Additionally, some members of the production team were reportedly unhappy that the gag took up valuable airtime that could have been used for more important moments and speeches.

What exactly the producers plan to do about the situation is unclear, as no official statements have been made yet. However, some sources say that they may be considering having a talk with Kimmel about his behavior, while others suggest that they may be hesitant to take action since Kimmel is such a big draw for the Oscars and a beloved host among many viewers.

Either way, it’s clear that Kimmel’s prank has stirred up some controversy, and it raises important questions about what is and isn’t appropriate in today’s entertainment landscape. While Kimmel has long been known for his willingness to get a little silly and even edgy at times, some viewers may be wondering whether he crossed a line by involving Garfield in such an awkward and humiliating skit. Others would argue that it’s all part of the fun and games that make the Oscars such a memorable event each year.

One thing that’s for sure is that this incident has put Andrew Garfield in an uncomfortable spotlight, whether he likes it or not. The actor has yet to speak publicly about the skit, but some fans have expressed sympathy for the awkward position in which he was placed. Meanwhile, others have suggested that Garfield may have been in on the prank all along and that his confusion and embarrassment were all an act.

At the end of the day, whether you think Kimmel’s prank was hilarious or tacky, it’s clear that it’s become a big talking point in the entertainment world. While some may decry it as bullying or unprofessional behavior, others will continue to hail Kimmel as a comedic genius who knows how to make his audience laugh. As for Andrew Garfield, he’ll just have to grin and bear it – or perhaps find a way to turn the tables on Kimmel the next time he appears on the Oscars stage.