Johnny Sexton: The Highest Scorer in Six Nations History

Johnny Sexton is a name that has become synonymous with the sport of rugby. Considered as one of the best fly-halves in the world, Sexton has played a pivotal role in Ireland’s success in international rugby. His calmness under pressure, exceptional kicking ability, and brilliant decision-making have all contributed to him becoming a rugby legend. However, his most recent achievement has put him in rugby history books. Sexton has become the highest scorer in the history of the Six Nations, scoring a total of 755 points in 91 matches, surpassing the previous record of 557 points held by Ronan O’Gara.

Sexton’s Journey to the Top

Sexton started his rugby journey with St. Mary’s College in Dublin, where he played for the school’s Rugby team. He then earned a scholarship to study at the University of Dublin, where he played for the Dublin University Football Club. Sexton was soon making a name for himself on the rugby field and was called up to play for the Irish U-21 team in 2003. In 2006, he made his debut for the senior Ireland rugby team, and from then on, there was no stopping him.

Sexton’s International Rugby Career

Sexton has been a vital member of the Irish rugby team since making his debut. His performances in international rugby have been exceptional, and he has been an integral part of Ireland’s success. In 2011, Sexton was part of the Ireland team that won the Six Nations for the first time in 28 years. He was also a crucial member of the team that won the Grand Slam in 2018, and he was named the Six Nations Player of the Tournament. Sexton has also played for the British and Irish Lions, where he won the series against Australia in 2013 and was part of the team that drew with New Zealand in 2017.

Sexton’s Scoring Record

Sexton’s record as a fly-half is exceptional, and his kicking accuracy is outstanding. His precision in kicking has often been the difference between victory and defeat. His scoring record is a testament to his skill and dedication to the sport. With 755 points, Sexton has scored more points than any other player in Six Nations history. He has scored 12 tries, 17 conversions, 169 penalties, and 12 drop goals in his 91 appearances in the Six Nations tournament. Sexton’s record shows that he is not only a great kicker, but he is also a versatile player who can score tries and drop goals when needed.

What Makes Sexton Such a Great Player?

There are many reasons why Sexton is considered one of the best rugby players in the world. His dedication to his craft, his work ethic, and his mental toughness have all contributed to his success. Sexton is known for his calmness under pressure, which he demonstrated in the 2018 Six Nations game against France. With just seconds left on the clock, Sexton kicked a drop goal, securing a 15-13 victory for Ireland. His decision-making and ability to read the game are also impressive, and he has been known to call critical plays that have led to victories.

Sexton’s Legacy in Rugby

Johnny Sexton’s place in rugby history is secured. He has been one of the best rugby players in the world for more than a decade and has contributed significantly to Ireland’s success in international rugby. His record-breaking achievement in the Six Nations is proof of his class as a player. Sexton’s influence on rugby will be felt for years to come, and he has inspired a new generation of rugby players to emulate his success. He is a role model to many young players who aspire to become great rugby players like him.


Johnny Sexton is a rugby legend, and his record-breaking achievement in the Six Nations is testimony to that. He is the highest scorer in Six Nations history, surpassing the previous record held by Ronan O’Gara. Sexton’s dedication to his craft, mental toughness, and calmness under pressure are some of the qualities that make him a great player. His legacy in rugby is already secured, and he will go down as one of the best rugby players in history. Sexton’s impact on rugby will be felt for years to come, and he will continue to inspire young players to reach their full potential in the sport.