Netflix recently released the second season of their original Turkish series, Luther: The Fallen Sun. The series has gained a lot of popularity among horror enthusiasts in Turkey and across the globe. This season, however, seems to have taken a different turn from its predecessor, with the creators opting for a less horrifying approach.

The series follows the story of a group of individuals who are trying to tackle a supernatural threat. The first season was packed with jump scares, suspenseful music, and gore scenes that truly made it a horror series. The second season, however, seems to have toned down on the horror aspect and leaned more towards character development and storytelling.

The change in tone has not gone unnoticed by the fans of the show. Many viewers who enjoyed the first season for its horror elements have expressed their disappointment in the second one. The shift in tone has caused the series to lose some of its initial audience, who were primarily horror fans.

It is understandable why the creators of the show would want to take a different approach for the second season. They may have wanted to appeal to a broader audience, and moving away from horror may have been the best way to do it. However, this decision may have backfired as the show has lost some of its initial fan base.

The change in tone can be seen in the way the supernatural threat is portrayed in the second season. In the first season, the threat was more overt and in your face, with the characters dealing with it head-on. This season, however, it appears that the supernatural threat takes a back seat, with more focus on the characters and their personal lives.

While character development is essential, it is a delicate balancing act when it comes to horror storytelling. It can be challenging to maintain the horror aspect while also giving adequate time for character development. However, some viewers feel that the show has gone overboard in prioritizing character development, leading to a lack of scares and tense moments.

Overall, the change in tone for Luther: The Fallen Sun’s second season has been met with mixed reactions. Some appreciate the shift towards character development, while others miss the horror elements from the first season. It remains to be seen how this change will affect the show’s future, but it is clear that the creators need to re-evaluate their approach if they want to retain their original audience while also appealing to new viewers.