Microsoft is always in the news for one reason or the other, either for introducing new technology, releasing updates or making acquisitions. The latest buzz about the company is its development of a new file explorer feature, which is expected to be part of its latest operating system, Windows 11.

The file explorer, which is sometimes referred to as the file manager or the folder explorer, is an essential tool in every operating system. It is a utility that allows the user to navigate through the files and folders on the computer. It helps users to locate files, open folders, copy, cut, and paste files from one location to another. The file explorer is essential in the day-to-day use of the computer, and it is used by everyone, from students, professionals and gamers to developers.

The file explorer in Windows 10, which is the current operating system, is robust and efficient, but it is not perfect. Some users are continually looking for ways to improve the file explorer, and Microsoft has listened to their feedback. The company has been working on a new and enhanced file explorer, which will be part of the Windows 11 update.

One of the most significant changes in the new file explorer is the feature that enables scanning. The file explorer has always been a tool for navigation and organization, but with the new scanning feature, it will do much more. The scanning feature will allow users to search for specific files or even look for malware in their system.

The scanning feature on the new file explorer will come in handy for users who are always looking for ways to keep their computers secure. It is well known that there are various types of malware that can infect a computer, and some of them are hard to detect. The scanning feature will make it easy for users to identify malware that might be hidden in their system.

Another significant change that Microsoft has made to the file explorer is its appearance. The new file explorer will look different from the current version. According to leaked screenshots and reports, it is expected to have a modernized look that matches the new design philosophy of Windows 11. The new design will be sleeker and more intuitive, making it easier for users to navigate through their files and folders.

Another exciting feature that Microsoft is rumored to be adding to the new file explorer is the ability to queue file operations. This feature will allow users to queue up file copy and move operations. This will be a big improvement over the current file explorer, which only allows users to perform one copy or move operation at a time.

The new file explorer will also have an improved context menu. The context menu, which is the list of options that appears when you right-click on a file or a folder, will be more intuitive and relevant. Microsoft is also reportedly working on a new search bar for the file explorer, which will make searching for files and folders more streamlined.

Microsoft is also exploring the possibility of adding a new toolbar to the file explorer. The toolbar will contain a set of commonly used functions like copy, paste, cut, and delete. The idea is to make these functions more accessible to users and reduce the need to navigate through menus.

The new file explorer is not the only change that Microsoft is making to Windows 11. The company is planning to introduce a host of new features and improvements to the operating system, including a new start menu, an improved taskbar, and new virtual desktops.

In conclusion, Microsoft’s new file explorer is an exciting development that will enhance the user experience in Windows 11. The scanning feature will make it easier for users to identify malware, and the improved context menu will be more intuitive and relevant. The new design will add a sleek and modern look to the file explorer, making it even more intuitive to navigate. With these improvements, Microsoft is showing that it is listening to its users’ feedback and is committed to making its products more efficient and user-friendly. We can only wait to see what more Microsoft has in store for us with the launch of Windows 11.