The Razzies, also known as the Golden Raspberry Awards, is an annual ceremony that honors the worst in film-making. While most of the award shows celebrate the best, Razzies celebrate the worst of the worst. This year’s ceremony was held on March 26th, 2023, and it was just as hilarious as it always had been.

The ceremony was held in the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, and it was attended by many Hollywood stars. The host of the event was a newbie comedian named Kevin, who had the crowd laughing from the moment he stepped on the stage. The ceremony lasted for over two hours, as the winners were announced one by one.

The night started with the Worst Supporting Actor award, which went to Jason Statham for his role in the film “Fast and Furious 32”. The award was accepted by his co-star Vin Diesel, who said, “I knew I’d finally be the only one with an award on the shelf for this one!”

Next up was the Worst Supporting Actress award, which was won by a newcomer, Sarah Jones. Jones received the award for her role in the movie, “Horror in the Basement”. In her acceptance speech, she said, “I never thought my first award would be a Razzie, but it’s an honor nonetheless.”

The award for Worst Director was won by John Watts for the movie “Spider-Man: No Place Like Home”. The film was criticized for being a rushed cash-grab, and the award-winning director expressed his disappointment. “I thought I was making a masterpiece, but sometimes even we directors get it wrong,” he said.

The Worst Screenplay award was won by T.S. Nowlin, who wrote the script for “The Maze Runner 5: The End”. The film was considered convoluted, confusing, and nonsensical, and Nowlin acknowledged that perhaps he got carried away trying to bring closure to the franchise.

The category that generated the most excitement, as always, was Worst Picture. This year, the award went to “Transformers: The Last Generation”. The movie was universally panned for its mindless explosions, weak plot, and terrible acting. The movie star Mark Wahlberg expressed no surprise, adding, “This just confirms what the audience was saying all along.”

The Razzies also feature a special category, which is the Razzie Redeemer award. This award is given to a person who has bounced back from a previous period of not-so-great performances. This year, the award was won by Nicolas Cage, who had a comeback year with successful movies like “Pig” and “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent”.

Other notable winners of the night included Rita Ora, who won Worst Actress for her role in the movie “50 Shades of Grey 6”; Jared Leto, who won Worst Male Lead for his disastrous portrayal of the Joker in “The Suicide Squad 2”; and Tyler Perry, who took home the Worst Remake/Sequel award for “Madea’s Reunion in Space”.

The Razzies serve as a humorous way to look back at the year in film-making and poke fun at some of its missteps. The ceremony is always a joy to watch, as Hollywood celebrities show their good spirit and take the worst possible outcome in stride. They allow us to laugh at our collective shortcomings and not take ourselves too seriously.

As the night wrapped up and the ceremony came to an end, Kevin said, “We’ll see you next year, folks!” And we couldn’t help but wonder what next year’s crop of bad movies will bring to this annual celebration of cinematic misfires.