Former England manager and current football coach Roy Hodgson is reportedly in talks to return to Crystal Palace as the team’s manager. While this news has not been officially confirmed, it has caused quite a stir in the football world.

Hodgson is a distinguished figure in the sport, having managed several top-flight clubs across Europe over the course of his career. He has even managed the England national team, leading the squad at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Despite these accomplishments, he has not fully achieved success with Crystal Palace and will need to focus in order to bring them to glory.

The news of Hodgson’s potential return to the club has sparked mixed reactions from fans, with some feeling optimistic about the prospect of his return, while others have their doubts. Nonetheless, it is clear that Hodgson is a well-respected figure in the football world and that his return to Crystal Palace would bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team.

For those who may not be familiar with Hodgson’s managerial style or career journey, here is an overview of what he has accomplished over the years:

Early Career

Hodgson started his managerial career in 1976 with Swedish club Halmstads BK. From there, he went on to manage several European clubs, including Bristol City, FC Copenhagen, and Udinese.

Highlights at Fulham

In 2007, Hodgson became the manager of Fulham Football Club. He led the team to the UEFA Europa League Final in 2010 and helped them stave off relegation in the 2007-08 season. Under his watch, the team also had their best-ever Premier League finish in the 2008-09 season, coming in 7th place.

National Team Management

In 2010, Hodgson was hired as the manager of the Switzerland national team. He led the squad to the Round of 16 at the 1994 World Cup and the Euro 96’ quarter-finals. After his stint with the Swiss team came to a close, Hodgson was then later hired to lead England’s national team.

While he managed to secure their qualification for the 2014 World Cup, England’s performance during the tournament ultimately proved to be disappointing. They finished third in Group D after only managing one draw and two losses in the group stage.

Managing Crystal Palace

Hodgson was appointed as the manager of Crystal Palace Football Club in 2017, and his first season began with a spectacular 2-1 victory over Chelsea. Despite the promising start, the team ultimately struggled throughout the season, finishing second from the bottom in the Premier League standings.

In the following season, Hodgson led Crystal Palace to a 12th-place finish in the Premier League, with several notable victories over teams such as Arsenal and Manchester City.

Hodgson’s contract with the team ultimately ended in May 2021, but it now looks like he may again be taking on the mantle of manager.

What Hodgson Brings to Crystal Palace

While Hodgson’s previous tenure at Crystal Palace did not yield the desired results, his experience in the football world cannot be denied. He has managed many successful teams and has a wealth of knowledge and expertise that he can bring to the table. His relationships with other managers and players across the league could also prove to be valuable assets for Crystal Palace.

Hodgson could also be the perfect fit to help bring the team to greater heights. With many talented players on their squad, they are in need of a leader that can help them maximize their potential.

At the same time, Hodgson will also be facing new challenges as he takes on this role. The Premier League is one of the most competitive leagues in the world, and he will have to handle the pressure of leading Crystal Palace against formidable opponents such as Manchester United and Liverpool.

Final Thoughts

As the negotiations between Ray Hodgson and Crystal Palace move forward, it is evident that he has the potential to make a significant impact on the team. His experience in the league is invaluable, and if he is able to successfully guide Crystal Palace, it could be the beginning of a period of success for the team.

While there are certainly challenges ahead, Hodgson’s return is a reason for fans to be hopeful about what is to come. As fans eagerly await further updates, the question remains: Can Hodgson bring Crystal Palace the success they’ve been seeking?