Sarah Standing’s Memoir Dancing with the Red Devil: “I will Surrender my Cancerous Body like a Damaged Car – Return it to Me when it is Perfect Again”

A cancer diagnosis is the news that nobody wants to hear. The moment cancer is diagnosed, patients and their loved ones are thrown into a world of fear and uncertainty. It is a journey that is simultaneously isolating and humbling. Sarah Standing’s memoir, Dancing with the Red Devil, is a poignant and uplifting testament of one woman’s extraordinary journey through breast cancer.

From the beginning of her book, Standing does not shy away from speaking her mind. She describes in detail the moment she was diagnosed with breast cancer, the tests, the treatment options, and her eventual decision to undergo a lumpectomy. Standing’s writing is unflinchingly honest and raw. She takes the reader through a range of emotions – from anger to despair to acceptance – giving the reader an intimate look into the psychological toll of a cancer diagnosis.

Throughout the memoir, Standing injects a humour that is both refreshing and endearing. Her unwavering courage and determination in the face of cancer is what stands out the most. Perhaps the most powerful message in Dancing with the Red Devil is that cancer is not just an affliction of the body, but a disease of the mind. Standing’s ability to stay upbeat and positive throughout her journey is truly inspiring.

The book is also an ode to the incredible network of friends and family that Standing has around her. She writes about the outpouring of love and support that she received from her loved ones, and how it sustained her during the darkest times. Through the book, the central message is clear: cancer is a fight that cannot be fought alone. It is crucial to have a support system of people who love and care for you.

Dancing with the Red Devil is also a story of transformation, both physically and emotionally. Standing takes the reader on a journey from the initial diagnosis to the end of her treatment. The physical toll of cancer is evident throughout the book, describing in detail the hair loss, weight gain and the endless nausea associated with cancer treatment. It is profoundly enlightening to read Standing’s transformation from being someone who had always identified with her appearance to someone who, through cancer, has started seeing the beauty in the person she was on the inside.

The memoir does not end with treatment completion, however – something that sets Dancing with the Red Devil apart from other cancer memoirs. After she finishes the book, Standing revisits how she manages emotional recovery after the trauma of cancer treatment. Her writing speaks to anyone who has had to cope with life-altering events that change how they see themselves and the world around them.

The final chapter of the book is poignant and touching. The conclusion is really insightful and illustrates Standing’s astonishing grasp of the realities and challenges of coping with post-cancer life. It’s clear that she has come to accept her new normal – a life of scans, test results, and follow-up appointments. The last paragraph of the book is an invitation to the reader: to see the world with new eyes, to cherish life in all its beauty, and to never take a single day for granted.

In conclusion, Sarah Standing’s memoir, Dancing with the Red Devil, is a powerful story of self-discovery, resilience, and hope. It is inspiring to read about her journey as she navigated one of the toughest battles of her life. The way in which she tackled adversity and managed to cling to positivity throughout is extraordinary. Her book is a touching reminder to embrace life with both hands, to appreciate the good days and the bad, and be grateful for every single moment. Sarah Standing has written a memoir that will resonate with anyone who has faced a life-changing experience. It is a definite must-read.