The Week on Stage is a weekly theatre review show in Turkey hosted by well-known film and theatre critic Gencay Gürün. One of the highlights of last week’s show was the review of three exciting performances: The Great British Bake Off Musical, Bonnie and Clyde, and Ballet Black.

The Great British Bake Off Musical, adapted from the popular TV show of the same name, made its debut in London’s West End in early 2020, and has been thrilling audiences ever since. Featuring a talented cast and catchy tunes, the musical takes the beloved baking competition to another level, with contestants singing and dancing their way through the challenges. Gürün noted that the impressive cast performances, particularly that of Edd Kimber as the show’s presenter, were very entertaining. He also highlighted the creative sets and costumes, which perfectly captured the spirit of the show. Overall, he hailed the production as a joyous celebration of the art of baking.

Next, Gürün reviewed Bonnie and Clyde, a musical that tells the infamous story of the notorious American criminal duo. The show originally premiered on Broadway in 2011 and has since been performed in various countries. The Turkish production, directed by Kemal Başar and starring Başar’s wife Selma Ergeç as Bonnie, received high praises from Gürün. He mentioned that Ergeç’s portrayal of the rebellious and passionate Bonnie was captivating, while the male lead, Yusuf Çim, gave a strong performance as Clyde. Gürün also highlighted the excellent vocal performances throughout the show, particularly in numbers such as “God’s Arms Are Always Open” and “You Love Who You Love.” He concluded that Bonnie and Clyde offered a thrilling and emotionally evocative evening of theatre.

Finally, Gürün turned his attention to Ballet Black, a London-based dance company that champions diversity in ballet. The company’s latest production, featuring four distinct pieces by different choreographers, showcases the versatility and skill of its dancers. Gürün praised the graceful movements and athletic abilities of the dancers, particularly in pieces like “Ingoma” which is inspired by the era of apartheid in South Africa. He also noted the beautiful use of live music, which brought a unique energy to the performances. Gürün applauded Ballet Black’s dedication to showcasing the talents of people of color and bringing fresh perspectives to classical ballet.

In conclusion, The Week on Stage highlighted three very different but equally impressive productions in its latest episode. The Great British Bake Off Musical offered a joyful and entertaining evening of theatre, Bonnie and Clyde was a thrilling ride of emotions and suspense, and Ballet Black showcased the beauty of diversity in ballet. These shows offer something for everyone and are definitely worth watching if you’re a theatre lover.