Zachariah Anderson is a native of Wisconsin who has been making headlines as he is accused of murdering his former partner’s girlfriend. The case has shocked the state and has been widely publicized. Anderson is far from a household name, but in the coming paragraphs, we’ll cover what we know about the enigmatic Wisconsin native.

Early Life:

Zachariah Anderson was born and raised in Wisconsin. There is little information available on his early life, but we do know that he grew up in a small town called St Croix Falls. He attended the local high school and graduated in 2007. He was known for his quiet demeanor and love for hunting and fishing. After graduating high school, Anderson attended a local college but did not complete his degree.

Personal Life:

Anderson is known to have had a relationship with Jessica Buri, a young woman who he had dated for several years. The relationship ended in 2015, but the former couple stayed in touch. Buri had moved on and had been in a relationship with another man. Anderson was said to have been unhappy about the new relationship and was known to have expressed his displeasure to family and friends.

Murder Charge:

On April 2021, Anderson was arrested and charged with the murder of Buri’s boyfriend, Joseph S. Saros. He is accused of going to Saros’s home and shooting him in the head. The motive, according to prosecutors, was jealousy. Anderson is said to have been driven by his feelings of jealousy towards Buri’s new partner.

Following his arrest, Anderson denied any involvement in the murder. However, according to the criminal complaint filed against him, Anderson’s DNA was found on a piece of duct tape that was used to bind Saros’s hands.

Legal Proceedings:

Anderson’s case has been widely publicized in Wisconsin, and he has received a great deal of media attention. In August 2021, he appeared before the court, which heard evidence presented by prosecutors. However, the proceedings were disrupted when Anderson refused to change out of his orange jail uniform and into civilian clothes. Anderson’s refusal to comply with the court’s dress code led to his removal from court, and the proceedings were adjourned.

Anderson has since appealed to the court to allow him to represent himself. This request has been granted against the advice of his lawyers, who argue that he is not competent to represent himself.

Anderson’s Future:

The case against Zachariah Anderson is ongoing, and we can only speculate as to what his future holds. The evidence against him appears convincing, but the trial has not yet been completed. Anderson could be found guilty of murder and faces a lengthy jail sentence. Alternatively, he could be acquitted if the evidence against him is deemed insufficient.


Zachariah Anderson is an enigmatic figure who has become a person of interest in a murder case that has shocked Wisconsin. He is accused of killing his former partner’s boyfriend, allegedly driven by feelings of jealousy. The evidence against him seems compelling, but as the trial is ongoing, it is too early to predict the outcome. Nonetheless, his case is a sobering reminder of the dangers of unchecked emotions and the perils of unresolved relationships.